38 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Any Day Now!

38 Weeks Pregnant!

Well, we have made it to 38 weeks and now it is just a waiting game.  There is usually a two week spread on either side of the due date when the baby can come.  It would not be unusual if she were born today, nor would it be unusual if she was born two weeks after her due date.  It’s just the nature of estimating due dates.  It’s variable a nobody really knows for sure.


At this point we are estimating that she may be around 7 lbs based off the last ultrasound we had and how much they say she should be gaining a day.  We’ll see how close that is when she is actually born of course.  She is still moving around a lot and she responds to her Daddy’s singing and voice.  She seems happy.  We are hoping for a good and peaceful transition for her when she arrives.


We talked over my birth plan with our doctor this past week which alleviated some concerns about the birth and how it will go.  We are hoping for as natural a birth as possible.  However, I am not beyond getting an epidural if I really need it.  I am nervous but excited at the same time.


I have been experiencing episodes of contractions which a timeable but I have this idea that when the real thing happens I will be able to tell the difference.  I also have been experiencing extreme fatigue this past week.  My mom said that it could be my body gearing up and getting ready for little sleep to come.  Another symptom that has intensified again this week was nausea and vomiting.  My understanding is that when labor is getting closer the body starts to try and empty the stomach through vomiting and/or diarrhea.  I am definitely getting close to my due date so hopefully it is a good sign.


I hope everyone has had a good Passover and/or Easter holiday.  Shalom! 🙂


37 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Full Term

37 Weeks Pregnant!!! 🙂

We have made it to full term!  Yay!!! :-).  This week is what would be considered early term but they will not try to stop labor at this point if it happens naturally.  If it happens now it just means baby is ready!  At my doctor’s appointment last week I closed up tight like Fort Knocks which was somewhat disappointing with all the contractions I had been having.  But it also was a relief as well because my husband was going out of town to be at his brother’s wedding (which I was so sorry to have missed).  Congratulations to them if they are reading this now!


Little Bella has been moving a lot.  She is definitely much lower now than before as I can feel a lot more discomfort in my pelvic area now than before.  She is also, we are guessing, around six and a half pounds now.  It is uncomfortable to stand and move around but I try and make sure I am getting exercise.  I am having this crazy nesting urge now but it is coupled with extreme fatigue as well.  Another issue is that I cannot be on my feet or even sitting in a chair for too long before my feet start swelling like balloons and I have to lay down and prop my feet up to help drain the fluid out of them.


I have my birth plan done and will go over it with my doctor at my appointment on Wednesday.  We also have pre-registered at the hospital and started packing the hospital bags.  I am also feverishly trying to get my thank you notes out for the baby shower but it is slow going with my feet giving me grief all the time and lots of contractions.  :-/.

This week is exciting too because it is Passover and Easter weekend.  It may be another Monday post this week again.


Shalom everyone!


36 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Nine Months & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

36 Weeks Pregnant!

This past week was another busy week so again I must apologize for the late post.  Next week also looks like it will be busy so I’ll give you advance heads up that next post will probably be up on Monday as well.

So, I am now nine months pregnant and only have a few weeks to go.  Next week she will be considered full term and if I go into labor naturally after that point they probably won’t try to stop it.



Our little Bella is around 6 pounds this week and squirming up a storm.  She seems to stop moving and be listening when I speak to her though.  She also has seemed to jump when there are sudden loud noises.  She also gets the hiccups quite frequently which is adorable if you ask me.

There really isn’t too much to report actually this week that I care to go into any details about.  Although, this is a pregnancy blog so readers should know that there may be unpleasant things, such as hemorrhoids, mentioned in it from time to time.  Other than that  though, my symptoms have remained virtually unchanged other than one incident which I will go into momentarily.


One thing I have started doing is drinking red raspberry leaf tea.  This was cleared by my doctor after 34 weeks.  I have been drinking a cup a day for a few days but I think I may be more sensitive to the herb than other women.  This herbal tea is supposed to help women have an easier labor.  However, I am going to have to stop drinking it for a few days I think because I have started to have some serious contractions after drinking it.  It seems to be strong Braxton Hicks but to be safe I am putting the tea on hold for a bit.  This morning, around 5:00 am I woke up with intense contractions that were timeable at almost 2 minutes in between contractions and approximately 1 minute long when they came.  They lasted an hour and half but slowly got further apart and shorter in duration and less painful as time went on so I knew everything was okay but still it alarmed me a bit.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I will get to talk to him about all of this.  He will be doing the strep B test and checking for dialation and effacement and all that sort of stuff as well.  We’ll see how it all goes tomorrow and I will post the results in next week’s blog.  A little part of me hopes that I am a little dialated at this point already but we’ll see what happens.


Shalom everyone! 😀


35 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Baby Shower

35 Weeks Pregnant!  These were taken by mother-in-law just after the shower

This week was a special week because my sister threw me a baby shower.  I think I will write a separate blog post about all the sweet things that I was given but I was most blessed by the presence of so many people who are special to me.  We had lots of fun and games.  My sister hosted but the venue was my parents house.  My mom put together a beautiful spread of foods for everyone and my sister and four nieces decorated the place.  My sister had several fun games that we all played along with advice notes for me as a first time mom.  I think almost all of the experienced mom’s in the room at some point in their advice notes stated to cherish each moment!  What wonderful advice from so many wise mothers! :-). I loved my shower and was blessed by it deeply!


As for growth and stats this past week of our little Isabella Marie, she is probably around 5 lbs 13 oz at this point and the size of a pineapple.  She is still moving around quite a bit but she is a bit squished in there now so not so much kicking and punches anymore.  She has times where she is very quiet but just as I start to get concerned she picks up her activity level by a lot.  Her kidneys and hearing should be fully developed by now and she should be head down which we know she is because of the ultrasound we had.


As for the ultrasound follow up with my doctor, he hadn’t received the report yet so I am assuming he will have that by my next appointment.  She was very active during this appointment and her heartbeat was 168 which is higher than she has been in a while but definitely in the normal range.


As for my symptoms I continue to have really bad heartburn and a lot of contractions.  My back is also sore quite a bit and often.  Mostly though I just feel so blessed to be carrying this beautiful child and I am trying to soak up the remaining 5 weeks or so left in this pregnancy.


I just want to thank everyone who came to my shower and made it such a wonderful event.  And I want to thank all those that wanted and/or tried to be there but couldn’t for whatever reasons.  You were in my heart as well.

Shalom everyone! 🙂



34 Week Pregnancy Update: Ultrasound Results and Baby Dropped?

34 Weeks Pregnant

First, I must apologize for the delay getting this post out this week but here it is now.  As many of you are aware, I had an ultrasound scheduled for this past week.  We found out some very interesting things at this ultrasound.  One of the first things of note was that she is head down and is very low.  The tech kept commenting on it and really seemed to struggle to get an image of her brain, causing me quite a bit of pain as she was pressing really hard and hitting into my pelvic bones.  Her brain is looking excellent though.


The night before the ultrasound I had a particularly strong contraction and I felt her drop downward.  It was a very dramatic and sudden movement downward that took my breath away for a moment.  Now I am feeling a lot more pressure in my pelvic area and on my bladder than ever before.  She is now not just kicking my cervix but full on head butting it which is causing the aptly, if not quite vulgarly named, sensation of lightening crotch.  So when the tech commented on her being sooooo low, my husband responded for me in a somewhat joking but also serious manner, “Yes, she knows.”


Another thing of note and the main reason for getting the ultrasound was her size.  Because of the diagnosis of gestational diabetes we had to make sure she was not growing to big.  At this current point in time she is 5 lbs. 3 oz.   We were told this is in the 59th percentile and just about as perfect as it gets.  She had very big cheeks to her face and so she is plumping up just perfectly at this time.  In fact, if she was born today, she would most likely be just fine. IMG_20170320_175834

On the topic of due dates we also noticed something very interesting dealing with her estimated due date.  We saw that there are now two different estimated due dates.  The first one is the one based off my last menstrual cycle which is April 30th.  However, a second estimated due date showed up according to the actual ultrasound age (AUA) as April 23rd.  My understanding of this though is that as long as they are within a week of each other, they are saying basically the same thing and one can disregard the AUA due date.  Based on this information we are still expecting her around April 30th but we won’t be shocked if she comes a little earlier.


The ultrasound tech and doctor checked many things including her lungs, heart, stomach, positioning of the placenta, my weight and my blood pressure and everything came back perfectly healthy for us both.  The ultrasound could not have gone better.  This week we have a follow up appointment with my doctor about this ultrasound as well as the regular two week check up.  I am eager to see what his reaction is to the ultrasound.  Stay tuned for that update next week on Sunday.

My husband and I

Shalom everyone! 🙂


Week 33 Pregnancy Update: More Contractions


This past week has been one of the more uncomfortable weeks.  It started off normally and the doctors appointment went extremely well.  My fundal height was perfect (the height of my belly outwards) as was my blood pressure and protein and sugar levels in my urine sample.  I now weigh 161 pounds so I have gained approximately 30 pounds so far this pregnancy.


Little One’s heart beat is 144 beats per minute which is also perfect.  Based on my fundal height, her growth appears normal although we are having an ultrasound on Thursday to make certain of this fact.  If all is going according to plan with her growth as we suspect, then she is currently approximately 17 inches long and weighs about 4.19 pounds.  Her brain development was accelerated this past week as well.


She is moving a lot which is causing some unpleasant symptoms for me from time to time.  Some times she hits me in the cervix which causes a sensation like lightning to run through that area of my body.  Still, I love to feel her move and mostly she doesn’t hit me in that area.  I also have had a tremendous increase in my need to use the restroom.  My two biggest symptoms though this week was a tremendous increase in both heart burn and contractions.  The heart burn has been awful but the contractions have become much more intense and usually at night which has not helped my or my husband’s sleep.  It becomes a game of musical beds as I sometimes find the soft guest bedroom bed more comfortable or the firmer mattress in the master more comfortable but sometimes neither one is a good option.  IMG_20170312_161214

However, despite the discomfort I am just thankful that the nausea and vomiting have subsided significantly and I think these discomforts of the third trimester may be somewhat easier for me to manage than perhaps other women at this stage who have had easier pregnancies to this point.  I have felt much worse during this pregnancy than these discomforts I am experiencing now.  I am still delighting in feeling her movements which are much more dramatic now than before, even visible through clothes.  I am really enjoying my pregnancy now.

Shalom everyone! 🙂


32 Weeks Pregnant: Horrible Contractions

32 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been a very busy week of moving and cleaning up the new house.  I over did it the first few days and started having very painful contractions again.  They keep me awake at night, or have actually woken me up in the middle of the night.  I have now been ordered by the family to sit and direct and nothing more.  My family has really pulled together to help us get moved, even though several of them are recovering from the flu right now.  We are so blessed to have family living so close to be able to help us like this.  We now have most of our furniture moved into the new house and we’re living in it now.  We’re so happy about that! 🙂


So, Little One is about the size of a squash.  She is 16.7 inches and 3.75 pounds according to the Bump app.  I feel her rolling around a lot more now rather than just the kicks and punches from before.  She seems very active and healthy.


This past week I scheduled an extra ultrasound to measure her growth and make sure she is on track because of the hypoglycemia.  That will be happening in a couple of weeks.  I also have a routine, two weeks, doctors appointment on Wednesday so stayed tuned to find out how that goes in my next pregnancy update post.  I also will be posting a house tour soon.  We got so busy this week that I just didn’t have time to post that like I wanted to.  I hope to get that posted for you all this week.

Another symptom I have been experiencing this week is pale lips which you can see a bit in this pic.

Shalom and blessings to you!  🙂


Week 31 Pregnancy Update: Good News!

My husband and I at 31 weeks pregnant

This past week has been a really good week for us.  So much has happened and we are making some wonderful life changes as well.


First, let’s go over some stats.  Little one is now almost three and a half pounds and approximately 16 inches.  She is moving around so much and I am just loving it.  I was laying down at one point and she suddenly appeared to raise her head so much that I could clearly distinguish her head and touch it through my skin.  I didn’t realize my skin was that elastic.  My husband and I were also able to feel her hiccupping this past week.  It was such a special moment between the three of us.


As for me, I have continued to have the pressure and pain in my pelvic area.  The doctor said that this was perfectly normal for this stage in my pregnancy, but if it had happened earlier he would have been more concerned.  My blood pressure was also perfectly normal and there was no protein or sugars in my urine sample.  I have also started to have contractions.  At the beginning of this week they were horribly painful and would start at the same time every night and last for hours.  The doctor said that they were Braxton Hicks contractions.  Since then though I have continued to have contractions but they are not painful.  They just feel like my muscles are tightening up hard, just like when you flex your arm muscles and hold it.  It can be a bit tiring but they’re not painful.

You can see through my shirt that my belly button is an clearly an outy now.

So, the best part of the doctors visit was when we discussed my blood sugar levels.  They have continued to be very low and I kept going hypoglycemic so the doctor has taken me off the diet.  He said that the test was a screening but sometimes it is not accurate and in my case he does not feel that I am actually diabetic.  What good news!  🙂


Another wonderful thing has happened this past week.  We were looking for a house in order to move before the baby gets here.  We found one that fit almost all of both of our wish lists and we were approved within hours of submitting our application.  We take possession of it tomorrow so stay tuned for a house tour in the next couple of days.  We are so excited and praising G-d for this amazing blessing he has given us.

My husband and I dancing together

Shalom everyone! 🙂


30 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Eye Infection and Low Blood Sugar

30 Weeks Pregnant

This past week started out wonderfully.  My husband and I had a lovely Valentine’s Day together.  I was able to get out to our favorite restaurant with him and sit down to eat there.  This is something I have been unable to do since the beginning of this pregnancy.  Spending time with him out and about felt extremely special this year.

My Valentine’s Day Makeup and head wrap look

However, the good vibes were short lived as around 3:00 the next morning I woke up with intense eye pain that only got worse as the hours ticked by.  My husband got me into the doctor that day and I had a low grade fever and was immediately put on an antibiotic cream which worked wonders within 24 hours.  I also was prescribed a steroid eye drop for the swelling in my eye.  I go back for a recheck tomorrow to make sure the infection is really gone.


On the bright side, I got weighed and I am now 158 pounds which is back up again.  My blood pressure was also in the normal range again.  All very good news considering the not so great report last week on those two topics.

Baby girl is growing and moving more than ever now.  She is about the size of a zucchini at approximately 15.7 inches and she is almost 3 pounds now.  Every week her movements get stronger and it is amazing how much she is growing.


As for me, my biggest symptom right now is some intense pelvic pain.  It feels as though I have been biking in a marathon and it is uncomfortable to walk and move.  My understanding is that this could be caused by the baby dropping and putting extra weight on the pelvis and/or the hormone Relaxin being triggered and preparing my body to give birth.  I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday with my OB and I will be asking him about this and see if I am right about this.  Another thing I will be talking to him about is the fact that I have had two hypoglycemic attacks in the past week.  This is another major concern of mine which I will update you on in my next pregnancy update, so stay tuned for that next Sunday.


So, it has been another difficult week but we are getting to the home stretch now.  I am just happy that baby girl is doing so well and still enjoying every moment of her little kicks and movements.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s day.  Shalom!


Week 29 Pregnancy Update: High Blood Pressure and Losing Weight


This week has been one of the more hectic of this pregnancy.  I had two appointments this week.   Both went really well overall but still there was a little bit of bad news in both.  However, there was more positive news than negative which is always a good thing.

My first appointment was on Monday with my dietician.  She was pleased with my numbers and how well I am doing on this program to help control my blood sugar levels.  She, in fact, did not feel it was necessary to have a follow-up appointment and instead will be calling in a couple of weeks to make sure everything is still going well.  The only cause of concern is that I have lost a little bit of weight since I started on this diet.  That cannot be allowed to continue so it is something we will be watching more closely.

My doctor, during my prenatal appointment on Wednesday, had a similar reaction to my sugar level numbers as my dietician.  He even mentioned potentially scaling back on the amount of testing I have to do if the numbers continue to stay in the range they are at now.  However, he did recommend that I get another ultrasound in the next couple of weeks, just to make sure she is still growing appropriately.  Unfortunately, my blood pressure was elevated during this appointment.  This could be a warning sign of preeclampsia but since my urine sample was clear of protein everything is still fine.  It could have been some stress from this past week or even white coat syndrome.  So it is another thing that we will be monitoring more closely.  As of right now I am hopeful that this was just a little blip and things will be back to normal at my next doctors appointment in two weeks.  I am now at the stage where my doctors appointments are every two weeks instead of every month.  We’re coming to the home stretch now!


As for baby girl she is becoming more active and I can feel her movements even more strongly than I did last week. At the doctor’s appointment she was balled up visibly on one side which made it easier for the nurse to know where to put the Doppler to find her heartbeat but also more difficult to actually listen to the heartbeat because of the position she was in.  She is now about 2.5 pounds and long.  This morning I felt movements at the same time on both sides of my womb.  It felt like she had stretched out all the way across.  I love feel her prescious little movements as she continues to grow and get stronger.

My symptoms have been about the same since last week.  I have a little bit of heartburn now and the Hyperemesis is becoming more of an issue again but little else has changed.  I am just content to be enjoying my little girl as she grows and develops inside me for the next few months.


Shalom everyone!


Week 28 Pregnancy Update: Officially in the Third Trimester


As I am now moving into the final stage of this pregnancy, I am really trying to enjoy the time that is left.  I am enjoying her kicks and squirms and taking it all in while it lasts.  Twenty eight weeks is a milestone in another way, other than signifying the official beginning of the home stretch.  At 28 weeks, Little Ones lungs have developed enough that she has a really good chance of surviving outside the womb if need be.  Of course, we want her to stay in there as long as possible, but it is a nice thought to have made it this far and to know that, no matter what, she will be okay at this point.

At this stage she is about the size of an eggplant and she is weighing approximately 2.20 pounds.  Now, her development is all about the finishing touches and gaining weight.  She is growing hair and eyelashes.  I cannot help but hope that she will get her father’s beautiful long eyelashes.  She will be gaining about half a pound a week from here on to her arrival.  She is growing so fast!  It also appears that she is hearing many sounds from outside the womb as I felt her startle at loud noices more than once.


As for me and how I am feeling.  I am doing well and keeping my sugar levels well under control.  This past week I did have a couple of higher numbers than I would have liked but overall they remain low and well within the desired range.  I also have had a relapse into the Hyperemesis Gravidarum which had been much improved as late although still problematic.  Now, I am just feeling extremely sick again with intense nausea.  I am attributing it to the change in diet because of the diabetes and hope that once I adjust the Hyperemesis will subside once again.

I also have been experiencing a lot more Braxton Hicks contractions than I was before.  Early this past week I had a night where they became fairly intense and were only a couple minutes apart.  I became concerned.  I decided to drink some water and relax for a while and they slowly began to subside.

Another symptom that showed up this week was some difficulty sleeping and a constant need to use the restroom, in the middle of the night.  Mostly though I have just been focusing on trying to enjoy the rest this pregnancy.  I love to see my baby bump growing and feeling her movements.  I am working on focusing on the wonderful blessing this child is to us and also looking forward to getting to meet her soon.


Blessings to all!  Shalom!


27 Week Pregnancy Update: Almost to the Third Trimester

27 Weeks Pregnant

Well, it appears that I am now about to head into the final trimester of this pregnancy.  I can feel her rolling and squirming around now as well as kicking and she seems happy as a clam.  Right now she is about the size of a head of lettuce and weighs almost 2 lbs.  Her brain is starting to form connections and really develop now.  She is also practicing breathing in preparation for her life in the world.

My husband took these bump pictures for me!

As for me, I am practicing and preparing myself, as best as possible for a first time mom, for the day she arrives.  I can hardly wait to meet her but for now I am just enjoying feeling her life growing and blossoming inside my womb.  I am adjusting to my new diet to help control the gestational diabetes as well as pricking my finger four times a day.  As long as I don’t think about it as I am jabbing it into my skin and just do it, I have no issues and I find it is not that bad, just a little uncomfortable.  My blood sugar levels are well under control so I am not worried but I am still being sure to remain vigilant.  I do have some more unpleasant symptoms as well this week, such as a constant need to go to the bathroom and backaches but overall I am doing well and really enjoying her movements and just loving this time that I am having with her.  I will only be pregnant with her once and that makes this a special time for both of us.

Feeling her little kicks and movements!

So, this means we are all caught up and up to date on how this pregnancy has gone up to this point.  Please feel free to to ask me questions about my experiences thus far and if you are currently pregnant I would love to hear from you about your symptoms and experiences.

Shalom! 🙂