27 Week Pregnancy Update: Almost to the Third Trimester

27 Weeks Pregnant

Well, it appears that I am now about to head into the final trimester of this pregnancy.  I can feel her rolling and squirming around now as well as kicking and she seems happy as a clam.  Right now she is about the size of a head of lettuce and weighs almost 2 lbs.  Her brain is starting to form connections and really develop now.  She is also practicing breathing in preparation for her life in the world.

My husband took these bump pictures for me!

As for me, I am practicing and preparing myself, as best as possible for a first time mom, for the day she arrives.  I can hardly wait to meet her but for now I am just enjoying feeling her life growing and blossoming inside my womb.  I am adjusting to my new diet to help control the gestational diabetes as well as pricking my finger four times a day.  As long as I don’t think about it as I am jabbing it into my skin and just do it, I have no issues and I find it is not that bad, just a little uncomfortable.  My blood sugar levels are well under control so I am not worried but I am still being sure to remain vigilant.  I do have some more unpleasant symptoms as well this week, such as a constant need to go to the bathroom and backaches but overall I am doing well and really enjoying her movements and just loving this time that I am having with her.  I will only be pregnant with her once and that makes this a special time for both of us.

Feeling her little kicks and movements!

So, this means we are all caught up and up to date on how this pregnancy has gone up to this point.  Please feel free to to ask me questions about my experiences thus far and if you are currently pregnant I would love to hear from you about your symptoms and experiences.

Shalom! 🙂

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