Week 26 Pregnancy Update: Gestational Diabetes and Gender Reveal


I’m a tired mama after my Gestational Diabetes class

Taking the one hour glucose challenge was bad enough but finding out that I had failed it and now needed to take the 3 hour test filled me with dread.  I struggled through this test and hoped for the best.

For those who may not know what the three hour glucose test is I will now inform you.  Unlike the one hour glucose test, the three hour test requires fasting for 8 to 10 hours before hand.  The mother’s blood is drawn in the morning and then she must drink a disgusting sugary drink containing 100 grams of sugar in an 8 ounce bottle.  She must then get her blood drawn again an hour after the drink, and then again after 2 hours and then a final 4th time at the 3 hour mark after having the drink.  She is not be allowed to eat or drink anything other than sips of water until after the final blood draw.  She must pass at least 3 of the 4 blood draws, which depends on the blood sugar level chart her doctor goes by, in order to pass the test.

As you can see, this could be quite the ordeal for a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, I failed two of my blood draws which means I failed the test.  So, I ended up in a class for women with gestational diabetes this past week with a dietician who explained how we need to eat for the next several months and how to use our glucose monitors.  I found the class enjoyable and informative.  I now have to prick my finger 4 times a day in order to keep track of my sugar levels.  Once, upon first waking up and once after each meal.  Ironically, as much as I dread each stick, I also find it strangely comforting to have my meter and perform this test because I now know how the food that I am eating is affecting me and more importantly the baby.

My new diabetes kit is really compact and portable

Gestational diabetes is different from type 1 or type 2 diabetes in that it is created by the hormones from the placenta blocking insulin production.  This happens in all pregnant women, however, in some women, their pancreases are not able to compensate appropriately to this change, allowing the blood sugar levels to rise too high.  This can be dangerous for both mother and baby.  The baby can become too large due to the large amounts of sugar they are receiving from the mother which can cause them injury when entering the world and leads to a higher rate of c-sections for the mothers.  The baby can also become hypoglycemic upon entering the world because of the sudden lack of sugar which is also dangerous.  There are other potential complications but I try not to dwell on these things and just do the best that I can do.  So far, this baby is measuring perfectly and so am I.

Now, for the part you may have been waiting for, the gender reveal!

I’m a happy and content mama, pictured here at 20 weeks, after finding out that:

IT’S A GIRL!!!!  YAY!!!!

She has been kicking and moving around in there and her movements are getting stronger by the day.  I love to feel her moving in me and I know she is worth everything I have been going through this pregnancy.

As for me, I have been having some heartburn but nothing major and not much else this week, except the nausea and vomiting from the Hyperemesis Gravidarum which I explained about in my last post.  I am just happy that baby girl is doing so well and that is all that really matters to me at this point.

I hope that the information in this post will be helpful to any women who are going through something similar.  If you have any questions about my experience please feel free to ask me. 🙂

Shalom everyone!


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