37 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Full Term

37 Weeks Pregnant!!! 🙂

We have made it to full term!  Yay!!! :-).  This week is what would be considered early term but they will not try to stop labor at this point if it happens naturally.  If it happens now it just means baby is ready!  At my doctor’s appointment last week I closed up tight like Fort Knocks which was somewhat disappointing with all the contractions I had been having.  But it also was a relief as well because my husband was going out of town to be at his brother’s wedding (which I was so sorry to have missed).  Congratulations to them if they are reading this now!


Little Bella has been moving a lot.  She is definitely much lower now than before as I can feel a lot more discomfort in my pelvic area now than before.  She is also, we are guessing, around six and a half pounds now.  It is uncomfortable to stand and move around but I try and make sure I am getting exercise.  I am having this crazy nesting urge now but it is coupled with extreme fatigue as well.  Another issue is that I cannot be on my feet or even sitting in a chair for too long before my feet start swelling like balloons and I have to lay down and prop my feet up to help drain the fluid out of them.


I have my birth plan done and will go over it with my doctor at my appointment on Wednesday.  We also have pre-registered at the hospital and started packing the hospital bags.  I am also feverishly trying to get my thank you notes out for the baby shower but it is slow going with my feet giving me grief all the time and lots of contractions.  :-/.

This week is exciting too because it is Passover and Easter weekend.  It may be another Monday post this week again.


Shalom everyone!

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