32 Weeks Pregnant: Horrible Contractions

32 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been a very busy week of moving and cleaning up the new house.  I over did it the first few days and started having very painful contractions again.  They keep me awake at night, or have actually woken me up in the middle of the night.  I have now been ordered by the family to sit and direct and nothing more.  My family has really pulled together to help us get moved, even though several of them are recovering from the flu right now.  We are so blessed to have family living so close to be able to help us like this.  We now have most of our furniture moved into the new house and we’re living in it now.  We’re so happy about that! 🙂


So, Little One is about the size of a squash.  She is 16.7 inches and 3.75 pounds according to the Bump app.  I feel her rolling around a lot more now rather than just the kicks and punches from before.  She seems very active and healthy.


This past week I scheduled an extra ultrasound to measure her growth and make sure she is on track because of the hypoglycemia.  That will be happening in a couple of weeks.  I also have a routine, two weeks, doctors appointment on Wednesday so stayed tuned to find out how that goes in my next pregnancy update post.  I also will be posting a house tour soon.  We got so busy this week that I just didn’t have time to post that like I wanted to.  I hope to get that posted for you all this week.

Another symptom I have been experiencing this week is pale lips which you can see a bit in this pic.

Shalom and blessings to you!  🙂

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