Week 33 Pregnancy Update: More Contractions


This past week has been one of the more uncomfortable weeks.  It started off normally and the doctors appointment went extremely well.  My fundal height was perfect (the height of my belly outwards) as was my blood pressure and protein and sugar levels in my urine sample.  I now weigh 161 pounds so I have gained approximately 30 pounds so far this pregnancy.


Little One’s heart beat is 144 beats per minute which is also perfect.  Based on my fundal height, her growth appears normal although we are having an ultrasound on Thursday to make certain of this fact.  If all is going according to plan with her growth as we suspect, then she is currently approximately 17 inches long and weighs about 4.19 pounds.  Her brain development was accelerated this past week as well.


She is moving a lot which is causing some unpleasant symptoms for me from time to time.  Some times she hits me in the cervix which causes a sensation like lightning to run through that area of my body.  Still, I love to feel her move and mostly she doesn’t hit me in that area.  I also have had a tremendous increase in my need to use the restroom.  My two biggest symptoms though this week was a tremendous increase in both heart burn and contractions.  The heart burn has been awful but the contractions have become much more intense and usually at night which has not helped my or my husband’s sleep.  It becomes a game of musical beds as I sometimes find the soft guest bedroom bed more comfortable or the firmer mattress in the master more comfortable but sometimes neither one is a good option.  IMG_20170312_161214

However, despite the discomfort I am just thankful that the nausea and vomiting have subsided significantly and I think these discomforts of the third trimester may be somewhat easier for me to manage than perhaps other women at this stage who have had easier pregnancies to this point.  I have felt much worse during this pregnancy than these discomforts I am experiencing now.  I am still delighting in feeling her movements which are much more dramatic now than before, even visible through clothes.  I am really enjoying my pregnancy now.

Shalom everyone! 🙂

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