34 Week Pregnancy Update: Ultrasound Results and Baby Dropped?

34 Weeks Pregnant

First, I must apologize for the delay getting this post out this week but here it is now.  As many of you are aware, I had an ultrasound scheduled for this past week.  We found out some very interesting things at this ultrasound.  One of the first things of note was that she is head down and is very low.  The tech kept commenting on it and really seemed to struggle to get an image of her brain, causing me quite a bit of pain as she was pressing really hard and hitting into my pelvic bones.  Her brain is looking excellent though.


The night before the ultrasound I had a particularly strong contraction and I felt her drop downward.  It was a very dramatic and sudden movement downward that took my breath away for a moment.  Now I am feeling a lot more pressure in my pelvic area and on my bladder than ever before.  She is now not just kicking my cervix but full on head butting it which is causing the aptly, if not quite vulgarly named, sensation of lightening crotch.  So when the tech commented on her being sooooo low, my husband responded for me in a somewhat joking but also serious manner, “Yes, she knows.”


Another thing of note and the main reason for getting the ultrasound was her size.  Because of the diagnosis of gestational diabetes we had to make sure she was not growing to big.  At this current point in time she is 5 lbs. 3 oz.   We were told this is in the 59th percentile and just about as perfect as it gets.  She had very big cheeks to her face and so she is plumping up just perfectly at this time.  In fact, if she was born today, she would most likely be just fine. IMG_20170320_175834

On the topic of due dates we also noticed something very interesting dealing with her estimated due date.  We saw that there are now two different estimated due dates.  The first one is the one based off my last menstrual cycle which is April 30th.  However, a second estimated due date showed up according to the actual ultrasound age (AUA) as April 23rd.  My understanding of this though is that as long as they are within a week of each other, they are saying basically the same thing and one can disregard the AUA due date.  Based on this information we are still expecting her around April 30th but we won’t be shocked if she comes a little earlier.


The ultrasound tech and doctor checked many things including her lungs, heart, stomach, positioning of the placenta, my weight and my blood pressure and everything came back perfectly healthy for us both.  The ultrasound could not have gone better.  This week we have a follow up appointment with my doctor about this ultrasound as well as the regular two week check up.  I am eager to see what his reaction is to the ultrasound.  Stay tuned for that update next week on Sunday.

My husband and I

Shalom everyone! 🙂

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