35 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Baby Shower

35 Weeks Pregnant!  These were taken by mother-in-law just after the shower

This week was a special week because my sister threw me a baby shower.  I think I will write a separate blog post about all the sweet things that I was given but I was most blessed by the presence of so many people who are special to me.  We had lots of fun and games.  My sister hosted but the venue was my parents house.  My mom put together a beautiful spread of foods for everyone and my sister and four nieces decorated the place.  My sister had several fun games that we all played along with advice notes for me as a first time mom.  I think almost all of the experienced mom’s in the room at some point in their advice notes stated to cherish each moment!  What wonderful advice from so many wise mothers! :-). I loved my shower and was blessed by it deeply!


As for growth and stats this past week of our little Isabella Marie, she is probably around 5 lbs 13 oz at this point and the size of a pineapple.  She is still moving around quite a bit but she is a bit squished in there now so not so much kicking and punches anymore.  She has times where she is very quiet but just as I start to get concerned she picks up her activity level by a lot.  Her kidneys and hearing should be fully developed by now and she should be head down which we know she is because of the ultrasound we had.


As for the ultrasound follow up with my doctor, he hadn’t received the report yet so I am assuming he will have that by my next appointment.  She was very active during this appointment and her heartbeat was 168 which is higher than she has been in a while but definitely in the normal range.


As for my symptoms I continue to have really bad heartburn and a lot of contractions.  My back is also sore quite a bit and often.  Mostly though I just feel so blessed to be carrying this beautiful child and I am trying to soak up the remaining 5 weeks or so left in this pregnancy.


I just want to thank everyone who came to my shower and made it such a wonderful event.  And I want to thank all those that wanted and/or tried to be there but couldn’t for whatever reasons.  You were in my heart as well.

Shalom everyone! 🙂


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