Week 31 Pregnancy Update: Good News!

My husband and I at 31 weeks pregnant

This past week has been a really good week for us.  So much has happened and we are making some wonderful life changes as well.


First, let’s go over some stats.  Little one is now almost three and a half pounds and approximately 16 inches.  She is moving around so much and I am just loving it.  I was laying down at one point and she suddenly appeared to raise her head so much that I could clearly distinguish her head and touch it through my skin.  I didn’t realize my skin was that elastic.  My husband and I were also able to feel her hiccupping this past week.  It was such a special moment between the three of us.


As for me, I have continued to have the pressure and pain in my pelvic area.  The doctor said that this was perfectly normal for this stage in my pregnancy, but if it had happened earlier he would have been more concerned.  My blood pressure was also perfectly normal and there was no protein or sugars in my urine sample.  I have also started to have contractions.  At the beginning of this week they were horribly painful and would start at the same time every night and last for hours.  The doctor said that they were Braxton Hicks contractions.  Since then though I have continued to have contractions but they are not painful.  They just feel like my muscles are tightening up hard, just like when you flex your arm muscles and hold it.  It can be a bit tiring but they’re not painful.

You can see through my shirt that my belly button is an clearly an outy now.

So, the best part of the doctors visit was when we discussed my blood sugar levels.  They have continued to be very low and I kept going hypoglycemic so the doctor has taken me off the diet.  He said that the test was a screening but sometimes it is not accurate and in my case he does not feel that I am actually diabetic.  What good news!  🙂


Another wonderful thing has happened this past week.  We were looking for a house in order to move before the baby gets here.  We found one that fit almost all of both of our wish lists and we were approved within hours of submitting our application.  We take possession of it tomorrow so stay tuned for a house tour in the next couple of days.  We are so excited and praising G-d for this amazing blessing he has given us.

My husband and I dancing together

Shalom everyone! 🙂

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