30 Weeks Pregnancy Update: Eye Infection and Low Blood Sugar

30 Weeks Pregnant

This past week started out wonderfully.  My husband and I had a lovely Valentine’s Day together.  I was able to get out to our favorite restaurant with him and sit down to eat there.  This is something I have been unable to do since the beginning of this pregnancy.  Spending time with him out and about felt extremely special this year.

My Valentine’s Day Makeup and head wrap look

However, the good vibes were short lived as around 3:00 the next morning I woke up with intense eye pain that only got worse as the hours ticked by.  My husband got me into the doctor that day and I had a low grade fever and was immediately put on an antibiotic cream which worked wonders within 24 hours.  I also was prescribed a steroid eye drop for the swelling in my eye.  I go back for a recheck tomorrow to make sure the infection is really gone.


On the bright side, I got weighed and I am now 158 pounds which is back up again.  My blood pressure was also in the normal range again.  All very good news considering the not so great report last week on those two topics.

Baby girl is growing and moving more than ever now.  She is about the size of a zucchini at approximately 15.7 inches and she is almost 3 pounds now.  Every week her movements get stronger and it is amazing how much she is growing.


As for me, my biggest symptom right now is some intense pelvic pain.  It feels as though I have been biking in a marathon and it is uncomfortable to walk and move.  My understanding is that this could be caused by the baby dropping and putting extra weight on the pelvis and/or the hormone Relaxin being triggered and preparing my body to give birth.  I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday with my OB and I will be asking him about this and see if I am right about this.  Another thing I will be talking to him about is the fact that I have had two hypoglycemic attacks in the past week.  This is another major concern of mine which I will update you on in my next pregnancy update, so stay tuned for that next Sunday.


So, it has been another difficult week but we are getting to the home stretch now.  I am just happy that baby girl is doing so well and still enjoying every moment of her little kicks and movements.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s day.  Shalom!

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