Week 29 Pregnancy Update: High Blood Pressure and Losing Weight


This week has been one of the more hectic of this pregnancy.  I had two appointments this week.   Both went really well overall but still there was a little bit of bad news in both.  However, there was more positive news than negative which is always a good thing.

My first appointment was on Monday with my dietician.  She was pleased with my numbers and how well I am doing on this program to help control my blood sugar levels.  She, in fact, did not feel it was necessary to have a follow-up appointment and instead will be calling in a couple of weeks to make sure everything is still going well.  The only cause of concern is that I have lost a little bit of weight since I started on this diet.  That cannot be allowed to continue so it is something we will be watching more closely.

My doctor, during my prenatal appointment on Wednesday, had a similar reaction to my sugar level numbers as my dietician.  He even mentioned potentially scaling back on the amount of testing I have to do if the numbers continue to stay in the range they are at now.  However, he did recommend that I get another ultrasound in the next couple of weeks, just to make sure she is still growing appropriately.  Unfortunately, my blood pressure was elevated during this appointment.  This could be a warning sign of preeclampsia but since my urine sample was clear of protein everything is still fine.  It could have been some stress from this past week or even white coat syndrome.  So it is another thing that we will be monitoring more closely.  As of right now I am hopeful that this was just a little blip and things will be back to normal at my next doctors appointment in two weeks.  I am now at the stage where my doctors appointments are every two weeks instead of every month.  We’re coming to the home stretch now!


As for baby girl she is becoming more active and I can feel her movements even more strongly than I did last week. At the doctor’s appointment she was balled up visibly on one side which made it easier for the nurse to know where to put the Doppler to find her heartbeat but also more difficult to actually listen to the heartbeat because of the position she was in.  She is now about 2.5 pounds and long.  This morning I felt movements at the same time on both sides of my womb.  It felt like she had stretched out all the way across.  I love feel her prescious little movements as she continues to grow and get stronger.

My symptoms have been about the same since last week.  I have a little bit of heartburn now and the Hyperemesis is becoming more of an issue again but little else has changed.  I am just content to be enjoying my little girl as she grows and develops inside me for the next few months.


Shalom everyone!

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