Week 8 Postpartum: She Is Growing So Much


Hello to all of my dear readers!  I can hardly believe that Bella is almost two months old now.  She has grown so much.  She can basically sit up on her own now for several seconds before losing her balance again.  She holds her head remarkably still when she does this and we are always right there to catch her.  Our hands never leave her completely of course.  She also holds up her own weight when we hold her in the standing position and she stomps her little feet like she’s try to walk which is the cutest thing ever, in my opinion lol.


She also has used her first word “milk”.  We have been using some sign language with her and the biggest word we have been focusing on is milk.  She does use this sign now, from time to time, however, not always accurately.   She definitely has made the sign though and in reference to actually wanting milk.  I think she is just experiementing to figure out what it really means still.

She is also sleeping less during the day and interacting more with us now.  She has her adorable social smile down pat and she babbles back at us when we talk to her.


Also, this past week I accomplished filling my first storage bag of milk to begin my milk stash.  It takes several pumping sessions to fill a bag, but at least I am able to fill them now.


I also finished my Reglan medication this week which was prescribed to increase my milk supply.  I believe it did help.  It wasn’t necessarily the miracle I was hoping for but it does appear to have made a difference.  We are now only giving her about 6 oz of formula three times a day instead of after every nursing session like we had been until now.  This is an improvement!


One thing I had noticed though this past week, is that when I use the Basil essential oil (2 drops neat on each breast) about 20-30 minutes before pumping, I will pump about a half ounce of milk.  When I don’t use the oil I literally only get drops, if that much, when pumping.  So glad I have these oils! :-).  If you’re interested you can learn more about essential oils here.

Also, this past week, the business my husband has been working on for the last six months has finally launched and is open for customers and also looking for affiliates to spread the word.  It is a program designed specifically to help children who are struggling with math.  We are very excited to be a part of this program that is helping these children increase and develop their math skills.  You can find out more here, in my blog post about it.  They are called

Life is good here!  I hope you all are doing well also!


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