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Introduction to Essential Oils: Journey to Wellness, Purpose and Abundance

Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional.  I am a mama and independent distributor of essential oils who has a passion for achieving wellness in life and sharing it with others.  None of the information provided below is meant to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any medical conditions.  Please use caution and common sense when using any mentioned products.  Read all labels on the products before use. This post is educational in nature.


“Shalom Mama is devoted to creating a life of shalom (nothing missing, nothing broken, peace) for the people she can reach and touch.”


“Young Living Essential Oils honors its stewardship to champion nature’s living energy–essential oils–by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.”


Essential oils are volatile oils that retain the scent of the plant they came from.  They are harvested from the roots, stems, leaves, petals, bark etc. and are the life’s blood of the plant.  It defends, protects and heals the plant that it comes from.  When properly cultivated and used, it can have a similar affect of wellness on the human body, supporting​ many different areas to create an overall wellness for the person using them.



There are three ways in which one can use essential oils:  topically, internally and aromatically.

Most oils are safe for topical use and in fact, this is a very effective way to use them for many people because the molecules within the oils are small enough to be easily absorbed through the skin.  I would recommend doing a spot check to see how your skin reacts to the oil first.  If your skin has a reaction to any oil that is generally safe for topical use, you can try to dilute it, or dilute it further depending on the case, in a carrier oil to make it easier for your skin to tolerate.  This does not affect the oils potency, only slows down it’s absorption of it more manageable amount for your skin and body.

When taking essential oils internally, a nice aspect about Young Living’s essential oils, is that you will clearly know an oil that is safe for consumption because it will have a white label on the bottle, which is unique to their Vitality line.  This takes the guess work out of figuring out which oils that are safe when used in this way.

The third, and my personal favorite, way to use these oils is aromatically, either by opening the bottle and taking a whiff or defusing it into the air.  In this way the oils break the blood/brain barrier and can very affectively target specific areas of need.

Always read the instructions on the labels for the best use of these oils.

A safe carrier oil for the skin would be something like jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc.


The purity of essential oils is extremely important in the effectiveness they will have in helping you.  There are four grades of oils that are found in essential oils on the market today.

The first is Therapeutic which is what Young Living Essential Oils are categorized as.  All the goodness from the plants is maintained through the careful extraction of the oils from the plants in the appropriate fashion at the appropriate time through steam distillation, resin tapping and cold pressing their plants.  There are no added chemicals, such as pesticides, used on the crops at any time.  It is important that no extra chemicals have been used throughout the entire process from Seed to Seal (the Young Living’s company commitment) because of the potency and concentration of the essential oils.

For example, it takes 160 pounds of rose petals to create a 5 mL bottle of essential oils.  Can you imagine how toxic that would be, if there had been pesticides or other chemicals used on the plant at any time throughout the process of the plants growth?!  This is why purity is so important.


There are also three other grades of essential oils that you will see out there.  The second grade is the Natural grade, however, these essential oils only need to be 5% essential oil in order to be considered pure in the United States.  So the oil can be watered down and still be considered natural, and the method of distillation may be destroying the oil and any benefits it would have had for you in the process.  Pesticides and other chemicals are also more likely to be found within these products because of the lack of standards enforced upon them.

The third grade is Aromatic essential oils, in which basically all benefits of the plant are destroyed except for the scent of the plant.

The fourth grade is synthetically created oils which are likely less effective than the actual plant compounds that are found in nature.

So, as you can see, the first grade of Therapeutic oils is the best option and has the best benefits for you in the long run.


Young Living Essential Oils is one of the only companies in the United States that actually strives to produce 100% pure, therapeutic grade, essential oils and essential oil infused products.  As briefly mentioned above, they have a Seed to Seal commitment on all their products.  This means that from the selection of the heirloom seeds to when they bottle the oil and ship it out, they have strict standards that the company and their partners adhere to.  They test each batch of oils in their own labs as well as send them out to third parties for testing, and if the oils do not meet their standards they reject that batch.

seed-to-seal-infographicIt is this high integrity of imposing strict standards upon themselves and their products, when nobody else will, that I love about this company.  They also strive to be completely transparent and will allow people to visit their farms at any time to see the process in action.  They own many of their own farms both in the United States and in countries around the world.  They will only buy land that was ranch land and not land that was previously farmed.  They also constantly check the pH levels of the soil to insure the best environment for their plants.

Young Living suppliers are also held to the same high standards and even have to sign a legally binding agreement before they can work with Young Living.  This ensures the best possible essential oils with the most benefits for their customers.


My decision to become an essential oils distributor, pure and simple, is to improve the lives of others through education about essential oils and their benefits for a life of health and wellness, and to share the opportunities they can create of an exciting journey in purpose and abundance as well.

Whether or not you decide to take up the business aspect of essential oils, when you become a member you are starting an amazing journey and will receive products that I feel confident are changing lives.


Not only does this company provide high quality products that you can trust, but they also provide opportunities for any members that opt to buy the Premium Starter Kit to have the ability to start their own business (if they would like) selling these essential oils as an independent distributor with a 24% commission rate on any members they sign up directly.  So, the financial opportunities spread on and on to many more people through you and the people who sign up under you and then the people who sign up under them etc.  You also are compensated for the success of everyone in your downline so it behooves everyone to help each other and work as a team so everyone can enjoy success.  Talk about sharing the wealth!

The Premium Starter Kit (whether you use it for business or just yourself and your family) is where I would begin and here is why.  There are so many oils and products to choose from it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start.

Here is the box in the sleeve that it comes in, the 11 oils and a diffuser that you get in this Premium Starter Kit.  There are more goodies still inside the box which are not shown here.


The Premium Starter Kit (which is the one that  provides the most opportunities) gives you that place to start with eleven 5 mL bottles of essential oils that cover a multitude of areas of need that a person may have.

The oils included in this Starter Kit are:  Lavender, Lemon Vitality, Copaiba Vitality, Peppermint Vitality, Thieves Vitality, DiGize Vitality, PanAway, Stress Away, R.C., Frankincense and Purification.  Some of these, such as Stress Away, are oil blends, while others, such as  Lavender are singles.  The company does reserve the right to swap out an oil if their crop was not good for another oil of equal value, but in general these oils stated above are the ones you can expect when you order your kit.

This is the top panel of oils you will see when you first open the box.  The panel comes out to reveal more goodies in the compartment underneath.

Also, included the kit is a 2017 Young Living catalogue​, literature about the oils and delicious samples of NingXia Red which is an amazing drink blend, filled with antioxidants and many benefits to help boost your energy throughout the day in a purely healthy way.

Not only do you receive all this, you also receive a diffuser, and once you are a member through this method of buying this Premium Starter Kit you will be able to buy everything else you order from now on at wholesale price instead of retail price.  This is why I encourage people get the Starter Kit, because it is a great place to start, gives you the opportunity to have your own business (should you choose to accept it) and you get any other purchases you make at wholesale prices.

Here is the box without the sleeve.  It looks just as amazing without the sleeve.  The packaging is high quality and I just love it! 🙂


What this is, is basically a monthly subscription.  However, you choose the products you want to receive and you can change this order from month to month or leave it as a recurring order depending on your needs at the time.  You must have a minimum order of $50 (or 50 “PV”) to meet the monthly requirement of this plan.  It is free to sign up and free to cancel.  However, before you cancel you will want to use up any rewards you received or you will lose them.  This program allows you to test out various products and expand your business or to just to use to enrich your own life.

Now, if you are part of this reward program, for the first three months you will earn 10% back of your total order in redeemable points towards free Young Living products.  In months 4-24 you get 20% back and for months 25+ you will get 25% back.

On top of all that, Young Living will also be giving Essential Rewards members gifts at months 3, 6, 9 and 12.  The gifts are unknown so they will be a surprise when you receive them.

You must make sure that you are NOT ordering through “quick order” or you will not receive your points towards free products or your shipping discount that is also a perk of this program.  If you are using this as a business then you should go for the 100 PV plan in order to receive your compensations and all your bonuses.

This is an amazingly generous rewards program which is why I encourage people to sign up early so they can start reaping the rewards early.  Once you are in your fourth month, you can start redeeming your points so the sooner you start the sooner you start getting your points​.


If you feel ready to take the leap after reading this post you can sign up under me here:  Sign Up

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If you would like to learn more about this or you have just joined the team please send me an email at  I would love to talk to you, answer your questions and/or welcome you to the team.  Remember I am always here to help you in this journey.

Shalom 🙂