Better Math Grades

Better Math Grades for Your Child


So, the business my husband has been working so hard on these past six months has finally launched and I am so excited to finally be able to introduce to you, my dear readers,



“We have a simple philosophy. Our desire is to partner with parents/guardians to help their children become confident and successful in math, regardless of past experiences.”

cameff_1498457720409 is a service of Math Lab and More, founded as a brick and mortar location in St. Joseph, Missouri in the fall of 2015.  Since that time, the owner and creator has seen many children who were struggling in math come through his program and become confident in their mathematical abilities afterwards.  Now, the owner decided, after seeing the success of so many children, that they wanted to expand to be able to help children all over the country and ultimately the world, grow and become confident in mathematics.  This is when he reached out to my husband, a software engineer, to create a program that could potentially reach thousands of children with this need through the internet.  Thus, was born.

cameff_1498458185449 is a completely online and automated program that uses Common Core State Standards to evaluate and pin point areas of need in the subject of mathematics.  It uses the Common Core State Standards from 1st through 12th grades to evaluate, through an assessment that is given upon signing up, both the strengths and needs of the individual child. This allows the focus to be completely on building up those specific areas the child needs help in, through the drills provided, without getting bogged down in what they already know.  There are also videos and games provided to give additional assistance as needed.

Here is a video made by the owner and creator of this system where he explains everything in his own words:


If you have a child who is struggling in math you can click here to start seeing your child grow and become confident in this subject area now.


If you don’t have a child who needs help in math but would like to be a part of this amazing program, you can become an affiliate with us.  To find out more you can click here now.

Shalom! 😀